International Transfers

The International Transfers service allows you to send and receive foreign resources with safety and transparency, legally and totally authorized by "Banco Central do Brasil". Thus you can send money to relatives, pay courses in other countries, pay and receive invoices of real state office transactions and many other transfer types. For this kind of operation, the fulfillment of a registration is necessary and the presentation of specific documents, according to the type of transfer to be performed.

Contact numbers: +55 84 3232-3535 ou +55 11 3584-7850

1º STEP: REGISTRATION (only required on the first operation)

  • Go to site and fulfill the client's registration records. Then, show or send the required documentation to "Sol Corretora". The required documentation varies according to the kind of transfer to be done. You can see them, also, on the website.


  • After analysis and approval of the registration by Sol Corretora, the client will be able to accomplish exchange operations that involve international transfers


  • The exchange is done according to the moment's quotation. A billet or exchange contract is generated right after, and should be signed by the client and laid down to Sol Corretora. This billet/contract is the document that legalizes and confirms the operation, by always being signed by the registered client.


  • The payment must be made from account to account, and the value to be paid will be in the billet or exchange contract previously signed.

Required Documentation

Natural Person

  • Copy of "CPF", ID/Passport/RNE
  • Simple copy of address receipt, issued by public services concessionary in the last 180 days
  • Simple copy of "I.R." for transfers above 10 thousand dollars a year
  • Registration form with signature recognized in notary's office
  • Any other required documentation that legalizes the operation

Legal Entity

  • Copy of social contract or statute and minutes of assembly with the election of the legal representatives
  • Copy of additional (if any)
  • Copy of mandate (if any)
  • Copy of the last 3 balance and last 12 invoices, signed by the responsible attorney
  • Copy of CNPJ
  • Cadastur (for tourism agency)
  • "CPF", "RG" and proof of address of the associates
  • Individual Registration form and signature card of each associate and legal representatives with firm recognized signature
  • Registration Form Full Business
  • Scheme with the shareholding control of the company (until the last natural person involved)

* These operations are only made in the prior store: Av. Hermes da Fonseca, 628 Petrópolis.