Express Delivery

Express Delivery is a product aiming to send resources to the outside of Brazil. The operation is simple, fast and without bureaucracy. The money will be available anywhere in the world, in a few hours after confirmation of the payment.

How does it work?

  • Present "CPF", ID/Passport/RNE and address receipt
  • Inform the beneficiary's personal data abroad
  • Choose country and place of cash withdrawal
  • We issue an exchange billet to be signed by the sender, and a bank bill to be paid for at lottery, outlets or banks;
  • After clearing the billet, the money will be available to the beneficiary abroad, at the place chosen by the customer.


  • Daily limit: USD 3.000,00 by person;
  • Monthly limit: R$ 10.000,00 by person;
  • Annual limit: R$ 36.000,00 by person.


  • Charges vary between USD 25,00 and USD 100,00;
  • The charged rate will depend on the country where the shipping will occur, and the amount sent.