With more than 350,000 authorized agents distributed worldwide, MONEYGRAM allows you to send resources from Brazil abroad simply, quickly and without bureaucracy. The money will be available anywhere in the world within 1 hour after confirmation of payment.


  • Payment must be made on time, in cash.
  • The Sender must present CPF and RG or CNH (valid) if it is Brazilian OR Passport (valid) if it is a foreigner;
  • Inform the beneficiary's personal data abroad, such as full name + ID number + address.
  • Choose the country and the city where the money will be withdrawn;
  • A receipt will be issued with a reference number, which must be shared with the beneficiary so that the beneficiary can make the redemption of the money abroad.
  • The name of the beneficiary must be identical to the name on the identity document of the beneficiary. For example: João Luiz da Silva is NOT the same as João L. da Silva.
  • Within 1 hour, the money will be available to the beneficiary abroad. (It is important to observe the hours of operation of the local agent, considering holidays, laws and local regulations)


  • Daily limit: up to R$ 10,000.00 per person;
  • Monthly limit: up to R$ 10,000.00 per person;
  • Annual limit: up to R$ 36,000.00 per person;
Operations that exceed R$ 36,000.00 will be subject to prior analysis and approval.


  • They range from USD 20.00 to USD 100.00.
  • The fee charged will depend on the country where the shipment will take place and the amount sent.