Exchange is an operation of changing currency of a country to the currency of another country. In Brazil's case, an exchange operator is characterized by the exchange of a foreign currency by its counter value in national currency.
Exchange market is where exchange operations gets done between authorized agents by "Banco Central" and between them and their clients
Yes, as long as the other part of the negotiation is an authorized agent by "Banco Central" to operate on the exchange market. There should also be observed the regulations, including the necessity of a documental feedback to do this operation
There are no limits, as long as the traveler is capable of buying stated on its income taxes
The acquirement of the foreign currency should be informed in your annual income taxes
Yes, looking to honor commitments abroad or the acquirement of this currency to take paid travels for the company
The exchange contract/billet is the receipt of the operation done, having all the information necessary to the accomplishment of it. Which should be signed by both parts of the operation.
    Consulting services in the Menu option "purchase and sale of currencies" International Transfers
  • PF and PJ - US$ 10.000,00 a year
  • PF and PJ - R$ 10.000,00 a day for species payments
  • To allow a greater amount - Present the income tax.
Buying: According to the credited establishment, you just have to pass the card and type the password or sign a buying receipt, so that the operation is authorized
Extracting: You just have to insert the card in an automatic bank and type the 4 digits extraction password. Choose the amount you wish to extract and confirm (the maximum amount can vary according to the limit of each automatic bank).
To recharge your card, you just have to go to one of our stores and ask for a recharge. Only the financial responsible or the card attorney can do it. The minimum recharge limit is US$ 100,00 or E 100,00. The maximum allowed in a card is US$ 20.000,00 or E 20.000,00 (respecting the operational limits by the "Banco Central" for each PF or PJ)

Access website click on automatic banks and select the destiny you want. The options will show up right after.

Obs: normalmente o site não encontra-se totalmente atualizado.
The company can be characterized as the card's financial responsible, however never a keeper. The card's keeper has to be a physical person with a "CPF"/Passport
The VTM card is safer and practical and can be recharged as many times as needed. In case of losing it or having it stolen, the client will get another card and can block the old one, so that nobody will use it.
The VTM card is not due to cambial variation and does not present a 2,38% of "IOF" as the others credit cards and it doesn't have annual or monthly fee.
Accesse, and register on your first access and go through the website. . You can change passwords, see the balance and the extract, and many other things. In case you cannot access the website, call the attendance central (11) 4003.7666 or 0800 771 7886
To acquire the card, we register the financial responsible and the card keeper (can be the same person). The financial responsible has to be over aged and present "CPF", ID and address receipt on both moments of acquirement or Passport if the person doesn't live in Brazil. For later recharges, the responsible shall present an ID document with photo, with "CPF" number/Passport.
The cards are valid about 2 or 3 years. They are delivered after buying and have the validation impressed on the front part of the card. In case it is not expired, if there's some balance, it can be used on another travel.
The cards cannot be used by other person, because it's attached to a determined "CPF"/Passport. The use of the card by other person is full responsibility of the keeper.
"Sol Corretora" does not work with additional cards, however a financial responsible can have many cards, but they will not share the same balance.
The travelers check is a check for travels, available in many currencies of personal use. Safe and trustworthy.
To acquire, go to a bank and require yours. Some allows requirement by internet.
The person that is abroad shall have an account on its name on the country/city where the money will be sent. To send for the first time, you have to register on our website and present the necessary documents. After approval, you will be able to do the transfer.
It's necessary to present the basic required documents (check on the website - international transfers' link) and the contract of service/invoice or some other document that shows the total money that is to be paid and how you are paying.